Now, it's time to relax…

Massage therapy improves the body’s ability to heal itself through a therapeutic touch with the knowledge of anatomy & physiology and the evidence that the massage practice accumulated over thousands of years. It’s an ancient form of art caring in nature which requires ever developing mastery to be able to create a session with intuition giving to both the client and the therapist the freedom of improvisation due to a dedicated concentration on how to allow relaxation and resolve tension. This is a process that continues even after the touch of massage therapy stops. The body and mind remember their relaxed state and learn to listen to each other and reconnect.

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Due to Covid19 pandemic, I give a break to my massage practice until the further noice. The construction of the website continues so please do revisit the website, especially for the exciting news and offers.

Your therapist, Burcu

Burcu [pronounced: Bur-Ju] is a massage therapist who considers her clients as a whole, creating a unique session tailored to their specific needs.

She uses a wide range of Swedish massage techniques and, during your consultation, you will be able to create a treatment plan together.

Burcu has a three-years long experience in massage therapy, with an ITEC Level 3 Diploma. She works as a therapist at the Thermae Bath Spa and as a volunteer therapist at the NGS Macmillan Wellbeing Centre.

She believes in the power of Classical Massage which is flexible in nature for delivering lasting mental and physical relaxation. She has been working with clients of diverse ages, medical conditions and life styles.

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