Holistic Therapies

Classical massage (also known as Swedish massage) is a very flexible technique that can be easily tailored to the client’s needs. The massage pressure varies from light to firm. It is a popular choice for many, since it is a very powerful and effective technique for muscular relaxation through soft tissue manipulation. It stimulates the micro circulation and it helps with the elimination of waste products from the surrounding tissues. It calms the mind by helping you to slow down the breathing and soothing the nerve endings. It is an opportunity to feel better and reduce the stress levels as well as getting rid of some muscular tension for an overall healthier life.

You may choose:

  • Classical Full Body Massage
  • Classical Focussed Body Massage

If you’re about to try massage therapy for the first time, I would recommend you to go for the Classical Full Body Massage therapy since it is useful for both you and me to discover the tension areas of your body as a whole and map out a treatment plan.

Classical Focussed body massage is great for those who likes to receive regular, longer and potentially firmer massage therapy on particular muscle groups to tackle repetitive strain.

Nonetheless, sparing some time for your wellbeing is better than not trying massage at all! Therefore, please do enquire about the options below, as well.

For bookings, please write to info@burcumassage.com or call and leave me a voicemail on 07957702225

All sessions include a 5 min. follow up consultation and a 5 min. aftercare.

Classical Full Body Massage

Free 15 min thorough consultation on your first appointment.

80 min. session / £78

60 min. session / £58

Classical Focussed Body Massage

Free 15 min thorough consultation on your first appointment.

60 min. session / £58

45 min. session / £45

30 min. session / £38


The initial consultation is around 15 min long. This is the chat that we will have together, allowing me to understand your needs, expectations, life style and medical background. This is necessary for me to be able to create the best possible massage for you.

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It is important to keep in mind that the massage therapy requires a mutual agreement and conversation also during the massage as needed, for you to be able to make the most of your session. Therefore it is never a one way therapy, it’s very dynamic and changing depending on your needs and conditions so please do ask more questions. A thorough first consultation is also where the massage therapy becomes holistic. Don’t think it as a questionnaire yet I still need to take your personal contact details, too. All the information that you share will remain confidential. I comply with the rules set by the Holistic Insurance Services. Massage therapy may have some contraindications therefore it’s critical to inform your therapist about your health issues. We will decide on your treatment plan together and you will know what to expect from the massage session which will be designed specific to you. Not only first, but also the follow up sessions will start with a brief consultation to catch up. Each session that you will receive will be unique.

Massage oils

Oils are used during the treatments. I choose organic oils from Aromantics, chiefly Avocado and Apricot Kernel oils. These two oils are both suitable for sensitive skin.


Each session will end with a short aftercare. We will sum up together how the session went. I will share my findings and give a few advice on how you can benefit from your massage more. This aftercare will be as unique as your massage.